Holiday Survival Guide: How to Handle “Green” Conversations

by staff on December 13, 2012

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With the holidays coming up, love it or hate it, it usually means lots of quality time spent with family and friends. If you are a greenie, you may encounter questions and conversation (interrogation) from relatives about your lifestyle, knowledge, and opinions.

Claim #1: Clean energy isn’t happening anytime soon.

Response #1: The percentage of our electricity coming from solar, wind, geothermal doubled in just the last four years, to six percent, which also means more well paying jobs.

Claim #2: Green jobs are a scam; no one really has those.

Response #2: More than 2.7 million Americans are employed in the clean energy industry today. Further, solar employers expect to grow by 17.2 percent over the next 12 months, representing an addition of 20,000 new jobs for Americans.

Three states each have more clean tech workers than all the coal-mining workers in the U.S. (136k). New wind farms and solar installations are popping up every day, and that means more jobs. Three states each have more clean tech workers than all the coal mining workers in the U.S. (136k).

Claim #3: Putting solar on a home is super expensive.

Response #3: With solar panel leasing options and financing through solar installers, the process can be very easy and affordable. Not to mention the sweet federal, state, and local incentives through utility companies. Many solar installers offer free site visits to give a free estimate.

Claim #4: I live in a non-sunny area. Solar doesn’t work where I live.

Response #4: Solar does work in cloudy conditions. On a cloudy day, a system will still produce at least half of what it does on a sunny day. Many countries with vast cloud coverage embrace solar, and are world leaders in solar like Germany and China.

Claim #5: Installing solar panels will increase my property tax; like I need to pay more taxes.

Response #5:  In California and many other states, solar installations are property-tax exempt. From an investment perspective, this means installing solar panels will increase the resale value of your home, without costing you an extra penny in property taxes.

Claim #6: I don’t see what’s wrong with “clean” coal.

Response #6: Why burn the limited supply of dirty coal instead of investing in clean, infinite energy like solar and wind? We should keep the planet clean and sustainable for generations to come. Our addiction to fossil fuels like oil should be broken, and instead, keep investing in clean energy that boosts our economy and creates jobs.

Good luck, spread the solar word, and happy holidays!

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